Gustavo Cantella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina; his parents, from his childhood, were very open to artistic practices and he could start to paint freely on ... the walls of his room!

He began studying architecture in Buenos Aires, then continued his studies in Italy, in Venice, while continuing to paint. His already long artistic career will also give him the opportunity to teach drawing and painting to children; an experience that will strongly mark him and will open him to a freer form of painting, less subject to academic rules.

The discovery of the work of the English impressionist painter William Turner, but also particularly those of Zao Wou-Ki or Chu Teh-Chun, represented for him a primordial step and engendered a true rebirth of his artistic path.

For about twenty years, Gustavo Cantella will develop his art. He lived in Venice, Toronto, Zurich, Berlin, Montpellier, Turin and Paris, and was able to forge links with many artists who shared his journey and enriched his sensibility, such as the painter-sculptor Richard Texier, a close friend of Zao Wou Ki.

The artist sees himself as working in a great filiation with the work of Zao Wou-Ki and, while pursuing his own research, in faithful accordance with its great fundamentals.

At the same time, he has developed a spontaneous calligraphy, influenced by his passion for oriental arts.
His main medium of expression remains oil, but in recent years he has produced works in acrylic, on canvas and paper.

Currently, Gustavo Cantella lives and develops his artistic activity in the French Basque Country.